Rhino Fire Protection Engineering, PLLC is a small business founded by three licensed professional engineers, all with degrees in fire protection engineering, and all focused on fire protection and life safety.

Rhino FPE is your advocate and technical representative.  Because we specialize in fire protection, Rhino provides you with the sound engineering judgment you need when dealing with complex life safety issues.  Our designs accommodate your facility, scope of work, and particular requirements throughout our entire range of design and consulting services.

Rhino FPE combines the customer service of a small business with the capabilities of a large company.  Our responsiveness and depth of experience on large and small projects are just two of the reasons our clients so often return to us for follow-on projects.  The strength of our size comes from our tightly-knit engineering team.  Unlike larger companies with constant turn-over, our core engineers have worked together as a team for years.

Each one of our team members brings a unique background that augments our capabilities in a particular facet of fire protection engineering.  From fire alarm to explosion suppression, military facilities to kindergartens, our engineers have had direct experience and found solutions that work.

Take a look through our website and see how we can help make your project a success.